CAMILE aw 14/15

daniela ponto final by Daniela Duarte


Camile reflects, once more, a change on daniela ponto final's path, signed by Daniela Duarte, responds to the necessity of also dressing a male audience. Inspired by the sounds of the band Nouvelle Vague, the 80's lines mix with Bossa Nova rhythms. Camile is the union of two environments that complement each other in a casual sporty proposal, where comfort is the key. The genres are blended in oversized silhouettes with a color palette that includes black, blue and brown with contrasting red. 


It will be available on Amélie Au Théâtre, Lisbon, by September 11th and on CRU, Oporto, by September 20th or pre-oder here!



Photography: Diogo Ferreira

Styling: Ivan
Makeup and hair: Jeanine Romão
Models: Raquel Guerreiro ( e Ricardo Trindade
Special thank you to: Weekend Barber Shoes (
(Raquel with Weekend Barber shoes)