Sunday morning, again that strange melancholy between summer and autumn, and today the antique fair was in Ovar!

I guess I'm lucky, every Sunday happens an antique fair in very close cities to mine and, as usual, we visited another one. Also, we found treasures other people didn't want anymore, but they were just perfect for us!

Gonçalo didn't visit Ovar for a while, so we decided to take a walk and it was very pleasant to see how arranged it was!

Actually, he changed his mind about Ovar; very nice little streets and lovely tiles collections all over the facades. 

Sometimes people asked me about where and how do I get my inspiration from, the patchwork and crazy colors combo... for me, they're not so crazy and as you can see, inspiration is all around, everywhere, in every little detail!

And portuguese tiles... we're so lucky to be abble to appreciate them just around the corner! :)




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