Today is World Menthal Health Day!

Most of the times we "celebrate" a special day about something, I use to think "why do we even need to mark a day to remember about that?!", but the truth is we all live so busy in our own lifes, we all have so much to think and to care about, that it actually makes sence to take a little time to give more attention and reflect about  many important themes.

"Menthal Health" - no, I will not talk about my issues again, today I'll just make a suggestion about a very interesting Art Exhibition I visited at Centro de Arte Oliva , "EUREKA!" where you can appreciate the art work of many different artists, some self-taught, and the most interesting for me was the fact that many of them had (or still have, because some are still alive) obssessive compulsive problems and other menthal disorders, and drawing or collecting objects, little piece of papers, even callendars, all the kind of support for their menthal issues expression became pieces of art. 

For instance, Mónica Machado, she's a portuguese artist living and working in Paris and her art work results from a kind of cumulative obsession, building scultures with little frames and pieces from objects, taking them from their "natural ambience" to transform them into another unique combined piece.

PéPé Vignes, other artist that took my attention, I was aboserved by the video documentary about him, the way he found himself useful by drawing, giving his draws as a kind of "payment" to students in school so they get encourage to not be sad or give up when they didn't get the best results, "flowers to girls and fishes to boys", really want to explore more about him, so I'll let you do your homework too, ok? ;)

After "EUREKA!", there were also two more exhibitions; "O Efeito do Observador",  from the Norlinda and José Lima Collection, that is about photography and also video frames, and invites us to reflect about the effect of observing the others, the objects, the nature, and it was very interesting too, specially the feelings and the stories I was trying to figure out while I was there as an observer.


Also recomend you to visit it!

The other and very fresh exhibition is "Jaime - Vi uma cadela minha com lobos", inaugurated yesterday (9th October 2021).

We can explore Jaime Fernandes (1899-1969) work through the film "Jaime" (1974) by António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro (I think it belongs to Cinemateca Portuguesa), and it is very curious the dynamic he creates between the rigid lines of a two-dimensional and the perspective representation of human and animal figures, but also the metamorphosis, the union of them in anthropomorphic ones.

I think that maybe I will repeat this Sunday morning again! :)

What about you, HOW WAS YOUR SUNDAY?


daniela .