It's been a while since my last post here!

Honestly, I never really gave the importance to this space that it deserves! 

I want to share with you more about my routines, the things I love to do, the treasures I found, the stories I listen and I think it would be nice you to know, the people that inspire me, more about the way I work, how things hapen, more about my "universe" so you can understand why it is so special for me when you chose to wear and say " é daniela ponto final!"


I believe details make the difference, so we if we still can see them and feel touched by them, that's because we're just not one more in the crowd. Do you agree with me?

You probably already know that I love fresh flowers, but if we're meeting for the first time, yup, buying fresh flowers in local markets is one of my favorite things to do! Yes!

I use to visit Lady Lurdes shop (Casa Jasmin - Flores e Plantas Lda), one of my home town (São João da Madeira) flourists, and even though we still have to wear masks, I believe she is the Miss Simpathy from the neighborhood! She smiles with her eyes and her warm and soft voice seems to hug us when she delivers the flowers and thanks for the visit. 

Lady Lurdes and her flowers always make me smile! 

Let's start this together? :)


daniela .