Few days ago, I shared with you on the instagram account ( @adanielapomyofinal) a new shirt I've made for Gonçalo, have you check it?

Well, as I told you, when I bought the fabrics I wasn't able to really imagine a new shirt or any other piece of clothe for anybody.

I was so tired, my mental health was actually more fragile than I thought and talking with mom, she made me realise that I needed help, so I started to do therapy. Even though I believe there is nothing wrong to ask for help when we're not in our best shape, it was very hard for me to accept and assume I wasn't ok and it was compromising my work and my personal life. 

I don't want to be speaking and using the pandemic as an excuse all the time, because it is not, but the truth is I am someone that has a tendecy for depression.

I'm not always depressive... my therapist told me I was a very creative and sensitive person; these, plus my "normal" anxiety, being always worried about with everything and everybody (I have serious problems to feel relaxed), plus this new reality we were living, all this huge equation was even more hard for me to deal with... and fuck it, it really was!

I was about to give up of everything this year!

Fortunatelly, I have my super power wonderful mom and my litle sister and Gonçalo, and here I am, moving on, starting again :)

So, let me introduce you "NOVATA"!

"Novata" means something new; and this will be a kind of even more limited edition of daniela ponto final pieces, like this DANIELA'SHIRT I've made for Gonçalo.

He loved it! What about you?

I still can reproduce ONLY 2 MORE SHIRTS like this one. Click on the image and go check it! Don't forget, email to for more information and even to place your order :)




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