What kind of person are you?

Wait, don't get me wrong with this question, what I want to mean is if you're the kind of who's always saying that "it's my right! I have my rights! I can just because!" or if, in the other hand, you stop to think about it and "yes, it is my right, but it's also my duty, otherwise, why and how can I get it for granted?"

Today is autarchic election day and I really believe it is very important to vote! Not just because it is a democrathic right we portuguese people have, while there's still so many people not seeing their "free" civil expectations recongnized in so many countries yet! We're in 2021!!!

To vote is a duty! It is our duty to vote so we can have the right to express ourselves when we don't agree with something or when are desapointed with the ones that we believed would be the best to represent us. 

It doesn't matter the color of your pen, the really big deal here is to play your duty first, so you can claim your rights then :)

Not voting is to not have a voice. And I don't want to be silent. What about you?




daniela .