VIRA! aw16/17 daniela ponto final by Daniela Duarte


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It's about where we come from.  Who we are. The beginning. It's about roots. It's about folk. The sound. The movement.

"Vira! "


This collection is inspired by the theme "Roots."

Plant roots, land, textures, costume origins, the way we dress, the Portuguese being, our "roots" as individuals, where we came from, what we become. It all starts on the ground!

The traditional Portugueses folklore , Rancho, gives us the inpiration for some silhouettes and the use of decorative elements such as ribbons, the sparkles, frills. The composition of the volumes is urban and takes us to the time and environment in which we live, assuming the female gender as the primary audience.


With a color range of brown, red, mauve, gray and black, the fabrics are mainly composed of  cotton, acrylic, wool and polyester, MOSTLY FROMA palette of brown, red, mauve, gray and black, the fabrics are based on cotton, acrylic, wool and polyester, mostly from the decades of 2000 and 2010.

"O Vira que vira,
O Vira virou
As voltas do Vira
Sou eu quem as dou!



photo: daniela ponto final
styling: daniela ponto final
model: Joana Sousa
MUA/Hair: Benny Amaral
special thanks to: André Amorim (trainers), Fernanda Sá (location), Miguel Lestre (instruments), Monkey Corporation (instruments), Sr. Gonçalves (scenary), Mom and Grandmother!