What kind of person are you?

Wait, don't get me wrong with this question, what I want to mean is if you're the kind of who's always saying that "it's my right! I have my rights! I can just because!" or if, in the other hand, you stop to think about it and "yes, it is my right, but it's also my duty, otherwise, why and how can I get it for granted?"

Today is autarchic election day and I really believe it is very important to vote! Not just because it is a democrathic right we portuguese people have, while there's still so many people not seeing their "free" civil expectations recongnized in so many countries yet! We're in 2021!!!

To vote is a duty! It is our duty to vote so we can have the right to express ourselves when we don't agree with something or when are desapointed with the ones that we believed would be the best to represent us. 

It doesn't matter the color of your pen, the really big deal here is to play your duty first, so you can claim your rights then :)

Not voting is to not have a voice. And I don't want to be silent. What about you?




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For the first time, and with hand in hand with BETWEEN PARALLELS ASSOCIATION, daniela ponto final will make part of the exhibitors at MODTISSIMO PORTUGAL!


Can't wait to meet you there! :)


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Sunday morning, again that strange melancholy between summer and autumn, and today the antique fair was in Ovar!

I guess I'm lucky, every Sunday happens an antique fair in very close cities to mine and, as usual, we visited another one. Also, we found treasures other people didn't want anymore, but they were just perfect for us!

Gonçalo didn't visit Ovar for a while, so we decided to take a walk and it was very pleasant to see how arranged it was!

Actually, he changed his mind about Ovar; very nice little streets and lovely tiles collections all over the facades. 

Sometimes people asked me about where and how do I get my inspiration from, the patchwork and crazy colors combo... for me, they're not so crazy and as you can see, inspiration is all around, everywhere, in every little detail!

And portuguese tiles... we're so lucky to be abble to appreciate them just around the corner! :)




daniela .


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This DANIELA'SHIRT EDITION is special, more than the latests, because represents a restart.

A new breath of hope!

To believe that if we work hard, if we love what we do and give our best to do it well, everything will worth it and the universe made a great plan for us too :) 

FROM 17TH TO 19TH will be intruduced at MOMAD - IFEMA MADRID, represented by BETWEEN PARALLELS ASSOCIATION!

DANIELA'SHIRT EDITION is an unissex shirt line that recovers old fabrics and from past collections, combining them with newer materials, on a young, relaxed and irreverent suggestion of limited reproduction.

DANIELA'SHIRT is more than a piece to wear.  It is Daniela . Over.

Photo: Daniela Duarte

Styling: Daniela Duarte

MUA/HAIR: Daniela 

Model: Rita silva

SPECIAL THANKS: Rosa Duarte, Rute Sá and Mr. Fernando Gonçalves


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Is it only me feeling that summer is already saying goodbye, even though today was such a hot day?

Days are getting smaller, light is more warm and trees release their leaves that start dancing more and more in the air, moving in circles while they fall and then touch the floor... Mom already started to do jams and we just can't resist them with some cheese and a few rusks, with a Porto wine glass after dinner!

Guess Autumn is right here, isn't it?

Yesterday, mom gave me some figs from her backyard and must say I just looooove all the fruits and vegetebles from there! They're not always pretty or have the best shape, but they have the best smell and the best taste ever!

Do you see this huge smile on my face? I assure you, my tummy smiled even more!

Today was the first Sunday of September and it usually happens the Antique Fair in Espinho, a little beach town, near my hometown.

Not being a novelty that I use to visit and actually find and buy some material to work, today I found other precious treasures, but this time, for me! And I didn't even spent 10€ fot the three books and for the pair of boots! And the boots are brand new! Can you believe it? 

I must confess I have a kind of disorder consumption (I will call it that way), but I love shoes! Yup, I do! Knowing it's not a good exemple, I try to excuse myself by purshasing vintage or second hand shoes. Most of my shoes are second hand, as are my clothes (when they're not daniela ponto final :) ), as are my books, another of my love affairs. I love to read. Read and imagine and let myself travel in the stories the author is telling me. 

Right now, I'm reading José Cardoso Pires and his "A República dos Corvos" (1989), started a couple of days ago and I'm really enjoying it, it's the first time I'me reading him. 



daniela .



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