UNTITLED SS16 daniela ponto final by Daniela Duarte

"Sometimes, we just have to go.



And go again.

Who said it's late?"


this collection is like a poem. Not like a lyrical composition, but in the way that reflects a state of mind, a period of inner research for stability, answers, new ways. It almost didn't happen, almost didn't make it out of the paper and, that is why, that it came out a bit later. But why is it late? Is it really too late to go on a path?
"sometimes we just have to go. stop. wait. and go again"
Like sea waves. Swinging along the sea. It's not a beachwear collection. It's urban. It's simple. It's everyday like. In fact, it is a moment to meditate over choices, the roads that have been walked until now and the language I intend to follow from now on.
It has unapologetically feminine traits, it almost feels like going back to the origin, daniela ponto final started with a feminine construction of the body, a reflex of myself, but that will now keep the masculine approach of the human shape.
With a more sober color palette, varying among blacks, blues, browns and whites, the materials can go from cotton to polyester as old as the 80's, 00's, 10's.
who said it's late?
It is always time to stop. Wait. And go again.
photo: Cátia Duarte
styling: daniela ponto final
MUA/HAIR: Benny.Makeup Artist
model: Rosa Maia (http://www.blast.com.pt/index.php/en/agency)
special thanks to: Catarina, Ana Magalhães, mom, grandmother and OLIVA CREATIVE FACTORY