my name is Daniela and I am the Daniela behind the daniela ponto final brand.

I'm a portuguese slowmaker and I believe in the well done handmade process, which takes time and in no way can be compared to the ultra fast options the fashion industry gives us today. Don't judge me, it is just not my thing.

I try to provide you the perfect mix of old fabrics and newest ones creating a young and fresh product.

"What to do with what already exists?" This is the question that arises in the choice of the materials. Conscious of the importance of the raw material and that fibers and its environmental impact, daniela ponto final proposes a response to what to do with the fabrics that already exist, which ending is prolonged in the traditional trade shelves or probably will be thrown away on heaps of garbage, because they're not fashionable anymore. "We can not just throw it away, right?"

Here you will find a selection of products from clothes to accessories and other home and textile objects.

The main thing is to share my passion and work with you and make you feel unique, happy and loved, exploring techniques as patchwork, hand knitting, crochet, mostly HAND work :)

"What's my name?


@adanielapontofinal on instagram!